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Bless Me Ultima Luna or Vaquer

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Bless Me Ultima-Luna or Vaquer

Luna or Vaquero?

The Vaqueros and Lunas are two very different cultures. Lunas are very quiet people who farm and live by the moon. Vaqueros are very wild people and don't like to stay in one place. Tony's parents are both. His moms' family are Lunas and his dads' family are Vaqueros. Tony has to decide what blood runs through him before he will know who he really is.

The Vaqueros are people of the Llano. 'They are exuberant, restless people, wandering across the ocean of the plain.'(6) They like to have a lot of freedom and they like to roam the country. They do not want to be tied down. 'They are freethinkers who will not take each others lives unless there is just cause.'(33) 'The wind is their brother and the horse their companion.'(247) Unlike the Lunas, the Vaqueros are very rowdy and love to live life as a big party.

The Lunas, on the other hand, are very steady people. They do everything according to the moon. 'They plant their crops and care for their animals according to the moon.'(90) 'They live their lives, sing their songs, and die under the changing moon. The moon is their goddess.'(90) 'They will not gather crops or save next years seeds unless the moon dictated.'(249) They come from men who ...

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