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Blacks: A Struggle For Racial Equality

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Social Issues

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Almost everyone would like to have racial equality in the world today.
It is often said that all people have been created equally. That is true,
however sometimes not everybody is treated equally. In society, blacks are
still struggling for racial equality.

We should note that in the 1940'1, blacks were not considered equal to
the whites. We see this in The Power of One . Blacks could not socialize with
whites. P.K. a young boxer asks the manager at the gym how he gets away with
mixing blacks and whites. The manager says that outside the ring a black man is
not equal, inside he is but not in public, only in private. This clearly
demonstrates how blacks were not treated equally to whites in the 1940's.

We also see this in society today. We are able to see how blacks are
looked upon when we examine a quote from The Runner , a novel by Cynthia Voigt.
"If there's one thing I can't tolerate Pete agreed "it's an uppity nigger."2 We
can see that Bullet, a cross country runner is talking to a team-mate named Pete.
It is indisputable that Pete has some antagonism towards blacks. He treats
them with very little respect and uses the racist term "nigger." This helps to
justify that blacks are treated with considerably less appreciation than other
races of people.

Let us also look at the fact that blacks are often socially outcasted
because of their race. We see this in The Runner. "You're telling me you won't
work with him because he's a negro?" "That's right."3 As we can see the above
exert clearly shows how the black person was outcasted. Bullet's coach asked
him to train with another person on the team but Bullet refused to train with
him because he is black.

Another quote ...

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