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Blackboard Site Scavenger Hunt

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CMM101-ONL1 Revised 1/9/10

CMM101-ONL Week 1

Blackboard Site Scavenger Hunt

Please answer the following questions. Also note the place where you found the information, e.g., Due Dates document under the Calendar tab. Submit it via the Assignments page by the due date given. (Directions are provided at the bottom of the assignment sheet.) It would be helpful if you typed your answers in a different color or used italics.

1. What is your instructor's email address?


Source: Under the instructor tab on the left hand side of the screen

2. What is the address for the email account you must use for correspondence in this course?

Answer: our FCC email

Source: Under the instructor tab

3. On what day must you start you Journal I project?

Answer: Feb 1st

Source: Under the Calendar tab

4. What is one interesting fact you learned about your instructor through her posted profile?

Answer: That she holds many degrees

Source: instructor tab

5. What is the late assignment policy for discussion forums?

Answer: no late discussion boards accepted

Source: under course information

6. What should you do if you are having trouble with your computer?

Answer: find an expert to fix he problem

Source: netiquette, how ...

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