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Bipolar disorder

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Bipolar disorder

The phenomenon of bipolar affective disorder has been a mystery since the 16th century.

History has shown that this affliction can appear in almost anyone. Even the great painter

Vincent Van Gogh is believed to have had bipolar disorder. It is clear that in our society

many people live with bipolar disorder; however, despite the abundance of people

suffering from the it, we are still waiting for definite explanations for the causes and cure.

The one fact of which we are painfully aware is that bipolar disorder severely undermines

its' victims ability to obtain and maintain social and occupational success. Because bipolar

disorder has such debilitating symptoms, it is imperative that we remain vigilant in the

quest for explanations of its causes and treatment.

Affective disorders are characterized by a smorgasbord of symptoms that can be

broken into manic and depressive episodes. The depressive episodes are characterized by

intense feelings of sadness and despair that can become feelings of hopelessness and

helplessness. Some of the symptoms of a depressive episode include anhedonia,

disturbances in sleep and appetite, psycomoter retardation, loss of energy, feelings of

worthlessness, ...

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