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Biologic Nutrition And Nutrients

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Biologic nutrition is the growing and consuming of foods of the highest possible nutritional value. It is rapidly expanding in popularity, as more and more people become interested in eating for good health. A biologic diet is a natural, wholesome diet, supplemented by vitamins, minerals, and health foods. All natural foods are recommended; vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, eggs, milk, seafood, and meat. The variety of biologic nutrition ensures a balanced supply of all the many nutrients needed for all body processes.
The concept of biologic nutrition holds that the body needs all of the nutrients found in natural foods. A deficiency in even one of them can damage processes and result in imbalances which may develop into diseases. That is why biologic nutrition does not put limitations on any nutritious foods. The only exceptions are foods that cause allergies, which should be given up completely.
Although there is no general formula to determine individual vitamin requirements, there is the recognition that vitamins play a role in preventing disease and maintaining health. Vitamins do not contain calories and do not supply energy. In other words, they do not contribute to weight gain. They are, however, most important as constituents of enzymes, those organic catalysts which enable biological processes to take place.
It is totally impossible to imagine life without vitamins and enzymes. Through enzymes, vitamins stimulate metabolic processes, converting food to energy and accelerating biological functions. They are truly vital or 'life-giving' as the first part of their name implies. They create blood, skin and bone, release energy, and enable reproduction to take place. Vitamins are not a part of the body's structure. They are just agents that help to regulate its maintenance and activity.
Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be found in fish, carrots, yams, spinach, and melon, among other foods. It helps to fight colds and infections, particularly in the eyes, ear, nose, throat, lungs, and bladder, because it increases the resistance of these tissues to bacterial infections. As for the eyes, Vitamin A is necessary for maintaining good vision, and night vision depends entirely on it.
The Vitamin B group is helpful in strengthening the nervous system. Eating foods containing any type of Vitamin B can help people under conditions of stress, physical or emotional. The Bs can prove most beneficial for individuals with a weak digestion, poor appetite, constipation, fatigue, anemia, and migraines.
Vitamin C does not occur in an isolated form but is always surrounded by various accompanying nutrients. It improves the body's ability to absorb calcium and iron, excretes poisonous foods, and lowers cholesterol. Despite much controversy in recent years, the ability of Vitamin C to fight the common cold is now well accepted among doctors and nutritionists.
Vitamin D is unique because it can be supplied by exposure to the sun as well as by food. It is known as ...

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