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Biochemistry Terms

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Name: Suzaine Bernadette M. Estor
Section: MLS-2B

Define the following terms:

Electronegativity - is a measure of the tendency of an atom to attract a bonding pair of electrons (Clark,2020). Tends to be more specific on how much atom to attract on a bonding pair of electrons or keep the electrons to get closer to the element in a covalent bond. The electronegativity increases from left to right because it has more protons in the atoms.

Polarity - As a result, it is an unsymmetrical distribution of electric charge and having an unbalanced molecule. It determines on how molecules unite to each other. Example water is the most common polar because it is dissolves solids on polar or ionic compounds.

Non polar - when the electrical charges are correspondingly distributed across the molecules because they tend to be no have positive or negative poles and also has no separation of charge or in simple words whenever you have an equal sharing of electrons it is called nonpolar. It tends to be dissolves in a nonpolar solvent.

Hydrophobic Interactions - it deals when the things mix or don't mix with water. Typically, it is a non covalent interactions that occurs when carbon atom is near to each other and there's an equal electric charges distribution. The perfect example of hydrophobic interactions is between oil and water in fact that the denser water settles to the bottom of a container.

Hydrogen Bonding - is an attraction between two atoms that already participate in other chemical bonds (Helmestine,2020) or in other words, it has to be form between two different molecules. It has to be connected to H connected to the O bonding with an O on other molecule.

London-dispersion force - are weak intermolecular forces. It exhibits the nonpolar molecules. They are to be ...

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