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Beowulf - A Noble

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There are a two heroic acts that Beowulf accomplished that
characterize him as being noble. One example of these acts is his
altruistic behavior through out his life.When beowolf heard that the great
king hrothgar and his knights were being attacked by the evil monster
Grendel. Without even asking king hrothgar what was in it for him Beowolf
got up and took 14 of his men and sailed on a ship to king hrothgar's
palace to face the evil monster Grendel in hand to hand combat. Beowolf
told the king that he will leave his fate to god and if god wants him
killed Grendel will kill him.If god doesn't want him to die beowolf will
come out victorios in killing Grendel.
The king liked Beowolf's noble words and wished him luck.Beowolf
without hesitation laid down in the line of knights to wait for Grendel to
strike. This part of the story shows that Beowolf is not completly moral
because he lets some knights be killed by Grendel before he attacks.
Beowulf and Grendel fight and the monster's arm is ripped off causing a<...

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