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Being Just Or Unjust

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Social Issues

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Socrates' influential way of speaking allows for a central question to be answered: Is it more profitable to act justly and be just or to act unjustly and be unjust? The three parts of the soul greatly influence a person's well-being and their action thereby allowing for either just or unjust actions.
On the one hand, it can be stated that external actions do not matter in a sense because inner thoughts or virtues are primarily considered just if he is at inner harmony within himself and holds the knowledge or wisdom that oversees such an act. Yet, wisdom is linked to the rulers and not to the guardians. However, justice is linked to both rulers and the guardians (as well as to the workers). If we consider the above statement for a moment, it is logically correct to say that only the rulers could act justly in this example for they are the only ones that contain wisdom.
When considering an unjust part of the soul in order to rule it inappropriately and we look at part of nature suited to be a ...

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Keywords: is it better to be just or unjust

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