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Being A Miner, Cowboy, Or Farmer

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American History

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If I lived in the 1880s and had the choice of either being a miner, cowboy, or farmer. I think the choice is easy to be a farmer, cowboys make little money for their hard, hard, hard work. If I recall they make $25 - 40 dollars a month. As a farmer, I would make more money growing and selling crops. I would get wider land options and I would have much more space to work and I would get much more property. Property for a farmer is money, of course, a farmer's life isn't easy but I've come to think it would be easier than miners and cowboys. Miners practically kill themselves, and their death rate is high while cowboys face grueling work in the hard sun with no protection from the elements. As a farmer, of course, I would face difficulties, I may have competition or the weather may not be on my side but it would differ from where I ...

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