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In this poem, Booth teaches his young daughter a lesson about life. At the
beginning he tells her to put her faith in someone she can trust, whether
that person is him, (her earthly father), a mentor (a coach or teacher),
or her Heavenly Father for support. He tells her to 'Spread your arms
wide,' to open herself to all she can be; to set her goals as high as the
gulls fly; as high as her abilities will allow her to attain. He advises
her to allow others to help her, but to always make certain the goals she
sets are pure, and the people she puts her trust in are trustworthy. He
warns her that goals set too low will not prepare her for the future when
she must be out on her own. Then, he assures her that when she does these
things; sets her goals high, allows others to help prepare her for the
future, then she can use that base for support as she goes through life.

This poem is speaking to a beginner. The beginner could be any age and
starting anything, such as a baby beginning life, an athlete beginning a
season, or a student beginning a course of study. The poet is telling the
novice to build on what she has learned in the past, to continue to set
her goals high and to open herself up to help from a higher being, which
may be herself, her father, a mentor, or God, to help her achieve her

Booth is saying in this poem that the first lesson one needs to learn in
life is that we must prepare ourselves for the future. In doing so, we
must rely on a 'higher being' for support, because we are not capable of
surviving on our own. A baby, or very young child, must have its parents
or caretakers guide ...

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