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Be Yourself

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Social Issues

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We're all fighting this battle- teenagers, kids, adults, and even the elderly. We're all struggling to be ourselves. It's pretty admirable--to try to be yourself-- because at the same time we're all trying to find ourselves. Some people stand up for themselves, while others follow. Few show their true personalities; others hide behind a mask. The ones hiding behind a mask are scared of what people will think of their genuine character. They're scared to be judged, and they want to be accepted. These people unwillingly settle for the label "follower".

Other people are born to be followers. The idea that some people are born to be leaders is true. Will Freyley, author of Leadership is Innate, claims that social skills are genetic. The scientific explanation for the courage to be ourselves has to do with our serotonin level. Serotonin helps you to be calm in problem solving situations, have conflict management, and have social ease People with higher levels of serotonin are more likely to lead. The desire to lead comes from a place in your brain called the amygdala. When you ...

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