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Baseball in the civil war

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Baseball in the civil war

Bats, Balls, and Bullets: Baseball and the Civil War

Civil War Times Illustrated: May 1998 pp30-37

In the beginning of his articles, George B. Kirsch, addresses the origins of baseball. For many baseball was created in 1839 in Coopers town, New York by Abner Doubleday. Kirsch quickly points out that Doubleday probably did not invent the modern rules of baseball in 1839 because he was enrolled at West Point in 1838. Kirsch feels that now one person developed baseball but that the game evolved from other ball and bat games that were played throughout history. The two types of baseball mentioned by Kirsch are the Massachusetts and New York. The New York version is the one that gained the most popularity and was taken to war when the men enlisted.

Baseball was encouraged in the camps to help keep moral up and keep the men healthy. Many of the games were played among the regiments and every once ...

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