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Baby Think It Over

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Throughout the course of the year, I have seen many of my classmates walking around school holding their babies carrying different expressions on their faces. Those expressions were fatigue, annoyance, and only happiness after the burden was cut from their wrists. For me the initial idea of carrying around this artificial baby was somewhat appealing, I say appealing because I considered it to be a new experience or adventure. Then after a few short hours of lugging the cumbersome car seat around from class to class I began to bare the expressions that me peers bore before me.
Despite the cumbersome car seat taking care of the baby, during the daytime, was quite rewarding. I found myself waiting impatiently for my baby to cry because I found the cooing noise to be so fulfilling. During the first day I carried the baby with me from class to class stopping in the middle of note taking or walking in the halls to tend to the electronic nuisance. During practice I gained a second key that I gave to my coach, to allow him to baby-sit for me. After practice and at home he cried when I was doing my homework, but I was pleased about the break. When it was bedtime I put the car seat on the inside of my bed next to the wall because I am a heavy sleeper and was afraid of not being able to heat the little devil. In the middle of the night I became a little agitated because being a heavy sleeper I hate being woken up, but hey doesn't everyone. The second was much like the first going to class and on to practice where I had a freshman baby-sit. I was a little worried about this particular freshman, but he was so persistent and he reassured me over and over he would harm it. The kid to my surprise did a fantastic job, it cried once under his care and he did everything perfectly. At ...

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