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Baby Project

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My experience with Baby was what I expected it to be. But I did not expect to watch after Baby on Homecoming Weekend. Catherine, the caring mother that she is wanted to watch after Baby for extra credit. I did not mind. She watched after Baby the whole weekend. I knew that caring for Baby would take plenty of compromise and agreement.
The best experience with Baby Think It Over was when I would let all the girls hold Baby. Girls love taking care Baby. Plenty of girls asked me to hold her. I did not mind at all; they gave me chance to take a break from parenting. All girls have an instinct to watch after children. It is like man's instinct to commit sin. They have some strange attraction for taking car of kids. Maybe that is why in movies, like Three Men and a Baby, single guys like to watch after kids in public to pick up women. Women love children.
The worst experience I had with Baby was when she started crying when I was getting ready for school. I was relieved because this was after I had shaved and eaten breakfast. But it is hard to brush your teeth and put on your shirt with one hand. Driving, also, is very difficult task with one hand too. I had my sister hold Baby with the key in it while I drove. Half way to school Baby stopped crying. Another bad experience is when the baby would make you up in the middle of the night. On the night I had it; I couldn't go to sleep until it cried because I did not want it to wake me up in the night. So I went to bed after 2 in the morning after the baby cried. But at 4 a.m. it woke me up. I did not get a good night of sleep that night.
The insights I got from being a teenage parent are you get funny stares from people in public. You are carrying around a plastic baby for a school project and some people give you the worst stares like you're a convicted felon. Catherine and I did not mind the looks. We thought the looks were funny.
I surprised when Catherine found out that you could rig the baby when you do not have the wristband on you. You turn the key and take ...

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