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was selected to be the site of the first concentration camp in occupied Poland because of its central location near a major railroad junction and because there was already a military camp there with usable buildings. " The former kilometers from Cracow". ( This location was favorably situated as reguards to transport facilities. This location was also large to the SS. The concentration camp complex was the first in Poland. was the largest out of all the nazi Camps. They choose former Austrian imperial barracks for the site of a concentration camp. This was the concentration camp that most attracted the attention of the allies. The reason why the allies were intrested in it, not because of all the rumors being spread that the Jews were being gassed there, but because was a factory complex which was producing some goods that was an imporatant part to the Nazi war effort. " The allies were particularly interested in the nearby camp called III where there was a factory for the production of synthetic rubber". ( During the years of the war, rubber was scarce and the Germans were ahead of the rest of the world in their plans and ideas to produce artifical rubber. - ( & (
had 405,000 prisoners recorded through executions, beatings, starvation, and sickness.The ...

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