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Atom Bomb

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The United States' decision to drop the atomic bomb was intended to intimidate and keep the Soviet Union from invading Japan, but was also to end the war. Even without the atomic bomb, the Japanese empire would have collapsed. The United States, however, did not want to let the Soviet Union enter the war and invade Japan in order to spread communism. Before the atomic bomb, the US had already developed plans for the invasion of Japan. Therefore, there is great speculation that the bomb was dropped for diplomatic reasons than for military reasons.
After crippling the Japanese with American high explosives, incendiary bombs, and raids. The Japanese empire was crumbling. ??atomic bomb or no atomic bomb, the Japanese were on the verge of collapse.? The American ?island-hopping? had drained Japan of much of its natural resources, preventing them from carrying the war on much longer. When the question of whether the bomb should be dropped arose, people knew that the bomb was not necessary for a victory. The American Government knew, that Japan was essentially defeated and that we could win the war in another six months.
American military had an invasion plan for Japan ready even before the atomic bomb was tested. ?The strategic plans of our armed forces for the defeat of Japan, as they stood in July, had been prepared without reliance upon the atomic bomb, which had not yet been tested in New Mexico. The Americans were planning an intensified sea and air blockade with intensified air bombing. The down side of the invasion meant serious casualties.
Many people had disapproved of the Soviet Union entering the war. They had feared communism because it was against their philosophies. Eisenhower had felt that ??no power on earth could keep the Red Army out of that war unless victory came before they could get in.? Even the ...

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