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Article Review: Characteristics of Reading Interventions

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Wanzek, J., & Cavanaugh, C. (2012). Characteristics of General Education Reading Interventions Implemented in Elementary Schools for Students with Reading Difficulties. Remedial And Special Education, 33(3), 192-202.

Wanzek and Cavanaugh in this article investigate the general characteristics of reading interventions in elementary schools. The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) and the What Works Clearinghouse have put together guidelines for reading interventions which says that students should have intensive, systematic instruction in small groups. They suggest no more than three to four students for around 20-40 minutes, three to five times a week.
The participants for the study were taken from elementary schools across the state of Florida. At the beginning, the schools were over-sampled to ensure a correct sampling for a sufficient sampling of schools. Emails with a link to the survey were sent to teachers of greades Kindergarten through Third Grade. A total of 1, 042 responses were able to be analyzed. ...

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