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Archetypes in Waterworld

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Archetypes in Waterworld

The 1995 hit film Waterworld is a prime example of archetypes appearing in modern motion pictures. The movie displays three main characteristics that give it archetypal meaning. The first of these is the classic hero archetype. Secondly, many archetypal elements of nature are displayed. Lastly, many other archetypes such as safety, extremes, and topography appear in the film.

Waterworld perfectly portrays the heroic archetype. Kevin Costner plays the role of the mariner whose quest is to get to dryland. Playing the evil side is Dennis Hopper who acts as the evil deacon whose mission is to stop the mariner and get to dryland first. The mariner is forced to leave his current lifestyle and is almost killed shortly afterwards. Along the way, he receives help from a wise old man, soul mate, and innocent youth. Costner defeats the deacon when the young girl, Enola, is captured. Soon after, they return to dryland where everything is peaceful and resources abound.

The various settings in Waterworld include many archetypes and add meaning to the story. For one, the deep, salty sea engulfs the whole world. Archetypally, this holds a ...

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