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Apple computers biography of the cfo

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Apple computers: biography of the cfo


Gary Whipfler, Corporate Treasurer of Apple Computers gave a very informative presentation about the field of Finance from his own 13 years of experience. As an MBA graduate at Santa Clara, he returned here and gave students some excellent advice about entering the workforce. I think this was the best part of his presentation that I personally took to heart. He gave three, solid advice that will help me evaluate who I am as a person before an interview or even choosing what I want to do with my degree.

To begin with, he said to think of something you improved in the past. Looking for something that you have improved, whether a club or a skill, it tells you that you are willing to make a difference within yourself or with others. A second advice he gave was to be able to give an example of a failure that you have experienced. Being able to show a life lesson and reflect what you have learned from your failures prove that you are able to overcome obstacles and learn from your own mistakes. Lastly, he said to ...

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