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Appearance Is Everything To The Youth Of America

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Social Issues

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Appearance is everything. The saying could be the foundation for a religious cult among American teens. Movies, music, and tv commercials create an Orwellian world where everyone think, acts, and looks the same. The youth of American is presently being exploited by large corporations that use tactful methods to get teens to fit the mold.
MTV is a lifeline for almost all younger teens and many older teens as well. Aside from playing the same meaningless music videos over and over again, MTV now has several other programs for teens. But fear not, not one of them has the ability to spark an inkling of free-thought. MTV's newest hit, the Blame Game, is a mock court trial where couples who recently broke up argue over whose fault the breakup was. The audiences votes on who is the 'loser'. First of all, it is obvious that the stories are fictional and the alleged couples are actors. But the real problem lies within the idea behind the show. Is that the biggest problem the world is facing today? Who to blame in some strange couples breakup? It is disturbing to know that the same audience members and at-home viewers that are voting on whom to place the blame, will one day be voting for the leaders of our country. Worse yet, they may someday be the leaders of our country.
The latest teen film to hit theaters is called Jawbreaker. It's about three popular high school girls that accidentally kill a fellow popular girl. When the school 'loser' finds out. the popular girls give ...

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