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Anti Semitism in the United St

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Anti-Semitism in the United St

'The more things change, the more they stay the same'. This clich' has been used millions of times and never has it been more fitting than in this situation. The Holocaust was supposed to be a wake up call for the world, to let all nations know that racism and hatred must be abolished or at least contained in order for peace to exist. It seems that in this country, a nation founded on the principles of equality and freedom, the lessons of the Holocaust are being ignored. If you were to search the Internet and type in the phrase 'white supremacy' or 'Nazi', without a doubt you would find hundreds of organizations throughout the United States who still preach the teachings of Adolf Hitler. It's almost terrifying to think that something like this could exist, but even here in the Bay Area you can find such Anti-Semitic groups. Anti-Semitism differs from the usual form of racism, it seems that it's rooted much deeper in the psyche of people. Many cultures in the world have their own reason for disliking Jews, and that has carried over to the ...

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