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Animal Safety and Behavior Outline

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Animal Safety and Behavior Webquest


1. Who is Temple Grandin? What contribution has she made to the science behind animal behavior?

a. Temple Grandin is a lady with autism who found safer ways for the animal to be slaughtered.

2. What impact does 'fear' play in how animals behave?

a. Fear inpacts how animals behave negatively by scaring them and causing trampling and other situations.

3. Name at least 5 hazards of working with large animals.

a. Animals can stampede.

b. They could trample people .

c. The animal could kick people.

d. They could hurt themselves.

e. They could wreck machinery.

4. What is a flight zone in relation to animal vision?

a. The flight zone of an animal may vary by how spooked it is but the flight zone is the zone when the animal is approached it will run away.

5. ...

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