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Animal Experimentation Is Acceptable

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Social Issues

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It is acceptable to experiment on animals. Although animal
experimentation is cruel it benefits animals in the long run. One example
of this is the discovery of vaccines by Louis Pasteur: By injecting the
organism that caused chicken cholera into uninfected chickens he found that
those chickens became immune to later infections. Also millions of pets
and farm animals would have died from such diseases as anthrax, distemper,
canine parni virus, feline leukemia, rabies, hepatitis and other diseases
if it weren't for animal research. In addition to that the Biomedical
Research Education Trust listed the following as benefits of animal
research for animals: drug treatments for illnesses such as diabetes and
heart failure, invitro fertilization to preserve endangered species, and
surgeries to repair abnormalities. A final benefit for animals is that
there are over 80 medications that were developed through animal research
for humans but are now used on pets, farm animals, and wildlife.
Another good reason animal experimentation is tolerable is because
sometimes we have to be cruel to improve our well-being. The first example
is that the cruel experiments result ...

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