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Analyzing Microbiology

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Analyzing Microbiology Article

Jennifer Hicks

September 22, 2015

This article was a very interesting read. It talks about a study done at Indiana University about your skin and its microbiomes. The researchers wanted to see if the microbiomes on your skin are able to affect how bacterial pathogens are able to produce infection.
In this particular study they actually had a human skin infection to utilize as a model so they determined this research would be better than any that had been done previously. Having a human model allowed the team of researchers to find evidence to suggest that the skin microbiome did indeed play a role in the ability of people not needing help to clear up some bacterial infections. Also having an actual model it allowed the researchers to have a better understanding of how our microbiomes work.
When studying further they discovered that there were similar structures of the microbiomes in people who were able to resolve the ...

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