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Analyzation essay on a newspaper

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Analyzation essay on a newspaper

The front page of a newspaper provides a great deal of information on various subjects. Most newspapers include a weather forecast, an index or brief description of articles inside the paper, and a small sports scorecard to accompany the local and national news. Newspapers also concentrate on how to grab the attention of readers. They most commonly use a larger, darker type of print, mixture of color, and/or pictures on the front page of the paper. A newspaper's job is to update people on the happenings around the world as well as in their own community. Community size often may influence or even dictate the findings on the front page of a newspaper.

Normally the front page of a newspaper lets a person in on the findings throughout the remaining sections of the paper. A small index, or article description containing page numbers, usually shows a reader what the rest of paper contains. Accompanying this index, usually a forecast of the weather to come in the next few days manages to make it on the front page also. Some papers actually save the die-hard sports fans some time by having a miniature scoreboard recapping the scores of the day before. Remember that this doesn't apply to all papers only to some.

Newspapers constantly look for more readers and to help attract these readers many attempt to dress up their paper. While some papers remain basic and plain, others add color and size to font in a try to appeal to readers. Background color adds a little life to an otherwise regular dull off white that normally associates itself with newspapers. The larger font highlighted in bold to draw the eyes of a reader in that direction gives each article its own personalized title instead of simply a lead in to the article itself. Negative effects, also come from the attempt at adding life to the paper. A few readers become disgusted with the constant multiple page articles. The large font makes articles small space assigned to it that much smaller, so readers frequently find themselves finishing articles on a second page.

Pictures commonly graze the front page of newspapers. From local events to national disasters they provide for a break in reading. Even when reading a book, many people skim the pages looking for pictures to give an image to the writings in that book. The pictures do not necessarily link with the articles on the page either; many pictures make the paper without a story behind them. These pictures commonly differ from place to place. If a person were to pick up a small town newspaper they would most likely notice a range of articles from the town wide garage sale to the result of the football game on Friday night. If a person were to pick up a ...

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