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Analysis Of Frost's "Home Burial"

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Analysis Of Frost's
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In the poem 'Home Burial', Robert Frost talks about a couple in the verge of breaking up. I believe that the main issue in this poem is the death of a child that has not been addressed by the parents. A staircase, where the action of the poem occurs, symbolizes both the ability of husband and wife to come together and the distance between them.
In their first discussion, I believe that Frost is trying to tell the readers that the child was buried in the yard by the father, and as the child is being buried the mother watches from upstairs. The problem I think is caused because of the fathers carelessness in bureing the child.
When the poem opens, their separate interpretations and feelings finally are expressed, and each is surprised by what the other says. The husband speaks from the bottom of the stairs, she from a step just above the landing. Significantly, they don't come together on the architectural bridge and, when the poem concludes, readers are not assured that this marriage will regain the closeness it might have had prior to the child's death. The highly dramatic poem underscores the impact of loss and the need for communication or discussion of loss by those involved. When no reconciliation occurs, the loss intensifies to become ...

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