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An Equal Opportunity

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Social Issues

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Equality, a very simplistic word but applied to our society is
incredibly complex. We as people strive and have strived for ages to become
equal to one another, but however, that goal is somewhat far from being
attained. Women are prime examples of this sort of inequality. There are
more opportunities for women to advance now than there were in the past
because of certain individuals who believed that although our framework may
be different, our minds and ability are just as sharp as any male. Two such
people who expressed this belief in the earlier courses of our history are
Daniel Defoe and Mary Wollstonecraft. They both published similar works
that discussed the role of education in a young woman's life, how
dependence on yourself is more important than relying on others, and how
marriage sometimes characterizes one's status.
What you are taught often defines who you are as an individual.
Women during the 18th-century were customarily viewed as objects. They were
given only the skills essential to making them more pleasing to others
instead of the skills necessary to contend with the other sex. In An
Academy for Women by Daniel Defoe, he suggests the draft of a school which
would give ladies every opportunity to achieve a higher ...

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