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An American Shame

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An American Shame

The Great American Shame !!

Our limp-wristed Senators have voted. More afraid of Larry Flynt than God they have acquitted the criminal, Bill Clinton and spit in the face of every American citizen. The great farce is over and America has taken a giant step closer to Hell. The News Mafia has assassinated the last hope of America ever being a free thinking nation. They have murdered the republican form of government set up by our Founding Fathers and replaced it with a dictatorship run by them! We are now shackled with the most vile man ever to occupy the White House (They may well change it to "The Whore House" now!) Bill Clinton is the lowest form of life to ever slither under the White House door. But he was the News Mafia's choice and they have proved that they will stop at nothing to defend their interest in controlling the former "land of the free and the home of the brave."

Americans, addicted to the dope of televison, were too interested in eating hot dogs and watching ESPN 2 to actually try to form an original thought in their heads that might be independent of their televison masters. They never bothered to think even once. They simply turned their brains off and parroted the News Mafia GOD whenever they were asked what they "thought".

Forget Clinton. He's not the problem. He only molested one American. The God-bashing, freedom-hating News Mafia has raped every man, woman and child in the country. They have probably succeeded in murdering the last thin thread of morality in this nation, which was their goal. If you thought things were bad before, fasten your seat belt. Wait till the moral lesson of Clinton's acquittal "trickles down" to the dull-brained teenage murders being trained in public schools. Wait until they realize that there are two separate systems of "law & order" in America. One for Liberals. One for Conservatives. If you are a Liberal you can do anything. You can violate any law or moral principle and you will not be punished. In fact, the murderous News Mafia will see to it that your accusers are punished. But don't think that Conservatives can dare enjoy such liberty. Watch. See if some Conservative isn't attacked and hounded from office for doing something similar to Clinton's crimes. Look how fast they murdered Bob Livingston. There were no cries of "It was his private sex life." No bemoaning Larry Flynt's "politics of personal destruction". The News Mafia sat by mutely and twiddled their thumbs while their fellow hit-man, Flynt, fulfilled their contact on Livingston.

Once teens learn this truth: "If I espouse Liberal politics I can do anything and will never be punished or even rebuked. If I espouse Conservative politics the News Media will kill me." there will be "Hell-on-wheels" in this nation. These are the kids that are murdering their own newborn babies because they truly understand the moral truth of legal abortions. The News Mafia has damned an entire generation. You will only be their victims.

Yes. Didn't they all righteously scream, "The framers of the Constitution never originally intended to include sexual immorality under the term 'high crimes and misdemeanors'." Whoa! These clairvoyant murders somehow knew the thoughts and intents of the Founding Fathers when it came to ...

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