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American values from jamestown

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American values from jamestown

Before England could settle the New World, it needed a Middle Class to fund private settlements and a millitary to protect those investments. Although the Spanish had a hundred year head start the English would in turn dominate the New World. This was all set in motion by King Henry VIII's Act of Supremacy.

King Henry VIII broke from the Cathloc Church because he wanted a divorce. While leaving he seized wealth by taking 1/4 of the land. He gave the land to his supporters who became the middle class. The nobles opposed the siezing of land but did nothin gright away. Therefore the Act of Supremacy created the middle class. The middle class now had money to spend in the Europe.

The Price Revolution had now started. Because of this Spanish money spread in Europe. Because people were making money wide spread inflation had started. Now European goods became expensiveto english nobles. Nobles had no new world gold and didn't benefit from inflation. Because nobles were going broke they asked Queen Elizabeth to ...

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