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American Revolutionary War

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American Revolutionary War

American Revolutionary War

Were the Colonists Justified in Their Rebellion against

England? Did They Have an Adequate Cause for Revolution?

Starting after the termination of the Seven-Year's war,

by the Peace of Paris, England repeatedly violated the

American Colonists' rights. A series of events, happening

between 1763(ending of the Seven-Years' war) and 1775

(starting of the revolution), could be taken as motives for

the American's revolution. The Americans claimed that

through both, the Sugar Act (1764) and the Stamp Act

(1765), the British dishonored their rights to taxation.

The Townshend Acts also infuriated the Americans, and as in

all other circumstances, they were willing to fight for

their rights. The final justification for the Revolution

came from the Coercive Acts.

The Sugar and the Stamp Acts were the first events by

which the Americans felt their rights violated. The British

wanted to collect tax for revenue, from the Americans, who

felt they were dispossessed from the right of self-

taxation. The Americans felt that they should be able to

manage their own taxation, or to select people to manage

their taxation. What they absolutely did not want, was the

British taking care of their taxation. They did not want

taxation without representation.

The Townshend Revenue acts of 1767 were another

justification for the Americans' rebellion. ...

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