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American people

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American people

American people

Coming to the United States has been the biggest step in my life. This decision is to finish my studies, become a dentist. And offer help for people in my country. Because I was afraid to come here, I asked everyone about life in the US. For me it was a mystery. I did not know what to expect how do American people live? How do they treat foreign people? All of these questions were in my mind when I asked my friends who were living in the United States. They and all other sources that I listened to, gave me great picture about the US. But after I came here I found out that the information I got before and the information I found after I came here though shared a lot of similarities, there were also a lot of differences.

First of all, the information that I had before I come to the United States made me comfortable. It made in my mind a dream land called America. I got my information from TV movies, newspapers, and from my friends. The first thing I heard about was from my friend who had lived here for years. He told me that the United States is unbelievable life. The time here goes so fast and you will enjoy your life without feeling homesick and he give me a great impression of American people and how they are helpful and always friendly. Also he tells me about the safety in his state and how you can have fun any time you want out side you house. In addition there was something I heard about that makes me very happy to come here is that there is no discrimination between people, because I have been in many bad situations in eurpe, which people treat us very bad and I was wooried about that. This was one of the things that make me comfort for coming here. And the American movies give me the feeling of the strong relationship among the members of the American family. And I feel when ...

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