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American History 1800 Outline

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American History

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I The Second War for Independence and the Upsurge of Nationalism (1812-1824)

A On to Canada over Land and Lakes

a On the eve of the war of 1812, the regular army was ill-trained, ill-disciplined, and widely scattered

b The militia was even more poorly trained

c The offensive strategy against Canada was poorly conceived

d The British and Canadians displayed energy from the outset

e Americans looked for success on water

f Control of the Great Lakes was vital

g The redcoats were beaten at the battle of the Thames in October 1813

h The invading British army was forced to retreat

I American economic life was crippled

B Washington Burned and New Orleans Defended

a A second British force landed in the Chesapeake Bay area in August 1814

b They set fire to most of the public buildings

c The Americans at Baltimore held firm

d A third British blow of 1814 menaced the entire Mississippi Valley

e Over two thousand were killed and wounded in half an hour compared with seventy for the Americans

f Andrew Jackson became a national hero

C The Treaty of Ghent

a Tsar Alexander I of Russia proposed mediation between clashing Anglo-Saxon cousins in 1812

b Britain's envoys made sweeping demands for a neutralized Indian buffer state in the Great Lakes region, control of the Great Lakes, and a substantial part of conquered Maine

c The Americans rejected these terms

d The Treaty of Ghent, signed on Christmas Eve in 1814, was essentially an armistice

e Both sides agreed to stop fighting and to restore conquered territory

D Federalist Grievances and the Hartford Convention

a Defiant New England remained a problem

b Massachusetts issued a call for a convention at Hartford, Connecticut

c The Hartford resolutions were the death song of the Federalist party

d In 1816 the Federalists nominated their last presidential candidate

E The Second War for American Independence

a The War of 1812 was a small war, involving about six thousand Americans killed or wounded

b Madison tried to invade Canada with about 5,000 men

c The conflict could be called the Second War for American Independence

d Andrew Jackson and William Henry Harrison emerged

e Many Canadians felt betrayed by the treaty of Ghent

F Nascent Nationalism

a The most impressive by-product of the War of 1812 was heightened nationalism

b America may not have fought the war as one nation, but it emerged as one nation

c Washington Irving and James Fenimore Cooper were the first writers to use American themes and scenes in literature

G The American System

a Nationalism likewise manifested itself in manufacturing and finance

b A revived Bank of the United States was voted by Congress in 1816

c British competitors began to dump contents of their bulging warehouses on the United States

d The first tariff in American history instituted primarily for protection, not revenue

e Nationalism was further highlighted by Henry Clay's grandiose plan for developing a profitable home market

f Clay threw himself behind an elaborate scheme known by 1824 as the American System

H The So-Called Era of Good Feelings

a James Monroe was nominated for the presidency in 1816 by the Republicans

b The fading Federalists ...

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