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America: A Melting Pot

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Social Issues

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There have been many different interpretations of the melting pot theory and there are many ideas that disprove this concept. This theory is not a visible concept in American Life.
To begin with the whole idea of the melting pot is where old and new groups freely blend together on an equal basis. Obviously, by living in the United States we can see the flaws that this idea upholds. The U.S. is a country that is made up of many different races and types of people. These people either came over from another country or their relatives did. At one time these people had a certain religion and language. When they came to the United States of America instead of being able to keep these beliefs as they should have, they had to give in and assimiliate to the accepted American culture. This type of occurence already begins to disprove the melting pot theory in the United States.
If people look at the idea of the melting pot in a way which does not get into much depth then it is possible that people would say the U.S. is a melting pot. Some reasons people might believe this is because the U.S. is made up of many different nationalities of people. Some ideas have come from these groups of people. These ideas may ...

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