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Allowing Evil To Triumph

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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men
to do nothing." (Edmund Burke). In order to stop evil and malicious acts
from occurring, the people whose responsibility it is to enforce the laws
must step up and stop these terrible acts. By ignoring the evil and not
attempting to stop the evil, the good can harm themselves or other innocent
people. If there is no resistance to evil, it is just like a football team
allowing a player to score a touchdown without trying to tackle the player
with the ball. In each case, it is extremely easy for one side to overcome
the other. Therefore, by not exerting any effort to oppose the evil, the
good are just inviting the evil to do as they wish.
Being one of the themes of the poem The Hangman, this quotation can
be related to the actions of the Hangman and the people he killed. Once
the Hangman began killing, nobody tried to step up and stop the Hangman
(except for one person who was killed). In this case, the good men did not
attempt to stop the evil. As a consequence for this lack of action, each
person was killed because he serves the Hangman best. The way in which the
good served the Hangman was by letting the evil triumph over the town. If
a group had attempted to stop the Hangman, he could have possibly been
stopped. Because only one person attempted to stop the evil, those who
kept quiet were killed for helping the Hangman without realizing it. If
the good men do nothing and make no attempt to halt the evil, then the evil
will triumph as a result of this lack of action.
In today's society, many people complain about all the political
corruption that occurs in government, but none are willing to step up and
take on this opposing evil. If one would look at the United States' voter
turnout in comparison with other ...

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