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Alcohol Consequences

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Alcohol Consequences

Alcohol is a depressant, as it switches off part of the brain, which controls our judgment. The immediate effect of alcohol is to alter mood. When drinking, most people become more relaxed and happy. The more drinks consumed the greater the effect - speech becomes slurred, vision blurred, balance is lost and movements are clumsy. Heavy drinking will depress all bodily functions- drinking very large quantities can result in unconsciousness, coma, or even death.

Drinking large quantities of alcohol over an extensive period of time has very negative health consequences. These include cirrhosis of liver, memory loss, confusions, hallucinations, impaired ability to learn, impaired liver function, liver cancer, high blood pressure, damage of heart muscles, stomach ulcers, inflamed pancreas, muscle weakness and gained weight.

When alcohol is swallowed, it goes through several processes to be broken down. Alcohol is first diluted by the stomach juices, and is then quickly spread through the body. As it passes through the stomach enzymes begin the conversion of ethanol into Carbon Dioxide plus water. A small amount of the alcohol seeps directly into the bloodstream through the stomach wall. The majority of the alcohol passes into the small intestine, where it is absorbed very quickly and circulated through the bloodstream. The liver then processes the majority of the alcohol.

Alcohol affects people in different ways. Age, body weight and gender contribute to the effect that alcohol has on the body. The larger the body, the more blood, so the more dilute the alcohol will become. Men's bodies have more fluids and less fat than women's bodies and so are not as easily affected.

Social problems associated with alcohol are experienced by a wide cross section of the community. Many teenagers drink alcohol on a social level. Some start as young as 12 ' 13. There are more risks involved when the child is this young- the body can't process alcohol as efficiently.
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