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AIBO and Robotics

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AIBO and Robotics

In our society today, advanced technology robots are hardly ever seen in the entertainment market. Robots that have the ability to perform tricks like AIBO are far too expensive to be brought out into stores. Lots of people don't even know about advanced technology entertainment robots. Most robots today, are used in either high-risk jobs, like deep-sea exploration, radioactive laboratories, satellites, and they are used in hot, dangerous environments. ?Guided missiles and drones are also a class of robots,? said Lawrence Kamm, a Consulting Electro-Mechanical Engineer. Robots are also used in monotonous jobs. They are used for manufacturing machines like, spot welders, arc welders, and paint sprayers.

Basically, robots are automatic electro-mechanical machines. Most robots are not fully automatic because a human is remotely controlling them using a TV or any other device to get feedback from the robot. Some other devices used to send feedback are radio signals, sonar, optical fiber, and sensors. Powerful computers with Artificial Intelligence programs control robots that are fully automatic. Robots are taught to perform repetitive tasks. Intelligent robots incorporate the other disciplines of Artificial Intelligence like, human sensory simulation for touch, sight, and hearing.

Our future will definitely have a place for robots. Some radicals believe that robots will eventually ...

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