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Agricultural Technological Advancements

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Agricultural Technological Advancements

From cloned animals to herbicide-resistant seed, science-based technologies have never had a larger influence on agriculture than they are today and will likely continue to have in the future.

The technological advancements in agriculture between 1960 and 1990 are often referred to as the Green Revolution. These innovations included the development and commercialization of high-yield seeds, the increased application of chemical pesticides and herbicides, and the widespread use of modern fertilizers and irrigation techniques.

Soil Science is the natural resource science devoted to the thin layer of the earth's lithosphere (crust) responsible for supporting life. Soil Science includes the basic biological, chemical geological and physical characteristics of the soils of the world, as well as the management of soils to produce food and protect the environment.

Hydroponics from the Latin 'water working', is simply growing plants without soil.

Hydroponics is as old as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Today this technology is widely used to ...

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