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"Afrofornication", The New Black Culture Of Indiscriminate S

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Does anyone notice, when you see the way most young Negro males behave these days it seems like they are constantly thinking about fornication, almost obsessed by it? I have noticed this. When one attempts to converse with one of these people the conversation will rarely end without some reference to sex or sexual behavior, whether it be minor references such as 'mah dick' or 'yo mama', or more direct references 'i be da pimpsta', 'i be yo daddy', 'gettin jiggy down dere'. I have been wondering for some time why fornication is such an essential part of the thoughts and culture of many of these people.
To give us a better understanding of the reasons for this behavior we must look at the social strategy of the Negro. There have been many studies performed to try to explain the disproportionately high birth rate among Negroes and in fact the clearest and most observant of these was by Rushton (1996) [1], who found two distinct socio-reproductive patterns, he called them the 'R-Strategy' and the 'K-Strategy'.
The 'R-Strategy' is the typical Negro reproductive pattern which he observed both in Africa and around the world. This pattern has the characteristics of a high birth rate, but also puting very little effort into parental care and nurturing. Often, the parents will not stay long as a couple, one father may in fact have several wives or women which he fornicates with on a regular basis. Also the gestation period is slightly shorter, children reach physical maturity earlier and begin having sex at an earlier age. 'R-Strategy' societies are usually less stable, with children being born into no definite family structure. In effect it is really a strategy of having as many children as they can, as quickly as possible.
The 'K-Strategy' is exactly the opposite of this. It is mostly observed in White and some Mongoloid cultures and involves having less children but investing great effort in their nurturing and development. There is a slightly longer gestation period, and children mature more slowly but that slower maturation helps develop a higher intelligence. Society tends to be more stable, with parents staying together as a couple and building a family. This is a strategy which places more emphasis on learning and thinking than just all-out breeding, placing quality over quantity.
We also have to look at how these breeding strategies evolved. In Africa, say, a thousand years ago, with all the tribal wars and cannabalism going on, what do you think was the key to survival as a community? I think it was having more people in that community. It wasnt being able to read or write, it wasnt being able to invent or discover, it was being able to breed - quickly and profusely - which was the key to survival. The more people you had, the better you could defend yourself against other tribes who might want some of your land, hunting area, food, or people (food). Being able to be resourceful or intelligent was no advantage in this type of situation, it was not necessary to get food or shelter as food was abundant in Africa, and shelter was almost not necessary due to the temparate climate, intelligence certainly was not a sought-after trait to breed in the 'R-Strategy' society, and henceforth the intellectual traits never developed in this culture as it did in others although that is a whole other subject. Now when the forefathers of the White people first moved north from the continent that is now Africa, they did not know they were moving into a harsh environment, at least a harsher environment than they had known before. They settled over the land that is now Europe, but since this land was neither as fertile nor as temperate than that of Africa, they had to begin to think in order to survive. I'm sure most of you will agree if you've ever gone camping (i mean real camping, not with a tent, a portable tv, and everything else) that it takes a fair bit of knowledge and intelligence to survive in the woods even with modern tools - imagine it with stone tools! This is the complete opposite of Africa, with it's abundant fruits and game. This is a land in which you must use your brain, and must learn in order to survive. The threat of being attacked by a rival was always less than that of starving, or dying of exposure. A society therefore arose where an emphasis is placed not on breeding, but on passing on knowledge, sticking together, and inventing new and better ways to obtain food and shelter among other things. This is the basis of the 'K-Strategy', where you have no more children than you can sustain, and you teach and nurture these children to be thinkers, inventors, and creators. Living in an alpine environment can not sustain the 'R-Strategy', producing a huge population would do nothing but strain the food supply and without the education and nurture that is unique to the 'K-Strategy', the people would not be able to be productive in any way. This is why Africa was still a barbaric, savage, uncivilized society while Europe was laying down cities and building monuments.

This is the root of the Negro fornication culture.

What is happening with the Negroes in the United States, and what is happening with them around the world, is not just the application of the 'R-Strategy' but the ENCOURAGEMENT OF IT. Giving people increased welfare the more kids they have not only gives these people the opportunity to carry on this unworkable socialogical pattern, it actively encourages it. Negroes are now waking up to the fact that the more they exert their natural instinct to this behavior, the more the state will reward them for it by paying them more welfare, in effect encouraging it. Negroes are now breeding solely for the purpose of gaining more welfare money! If you don't believe me, take your life into your hands and go into to the Negro neighborhoods and talk to some of these welfare recipients, most of them will tell you outright, almost as if they are proud of the fact that White people are paying them to multiply. Now tell me, do you think this system can work? NO. Just like the 'R-Strategy' failed to produce anything out of Africa in 10,000 years it is destined to be the fall of Western civilization if we keep paying these people to do what comes naturally to them. There is no system in the world that can support a group of people that has a natural instict to multiply in such a way, and in fact pays them to multiply! It is the from this exact same reason why there is a 66% birth illegitmacy rate (1999) among Negroes in the United States, they know that if they get married, then they will lose their welfare. Also, because of their natural tendency toward the 'R-Strategy', they don't usually feel any desire to settle down with a partner and build a family. It is here we start to see the connection between the 'R-Strategy' and the current Negro culture of fornication. It is natural for these people to have sex with one female, impregnate her, and move on to another woman. This is what gives the 'R-Strategy' it's power. If the male and female stay together the breeding rate would be much lower, and the breeding rate is paramount in an 'R-Strategy' society.

Today's media glorifies this culture, however. It glorifies fornicating with many females as being a 'cool' thing to do, and i'm sure that many White men would find it a 'cool' thing to do. The difference is, to White guys, it is just a 'cool' thing to do, many of them would not seriously consider fornicating with another woman (or three) while he was involved in a steady relationship, much less basing their whole existance around the whole act of fornicating and attracting females. The Negro concept of a 'steady relationship' is much different. It involves fornicating with as many females as he possible can at one time, whilst still retaining his main female, his 'boo', as a regular object of fornication. When he becomes bored with the situation or the female becomes pregnant, he finds another female so he can continue his lifestyle of fornication. The whole existance of the young Negro male is based ...

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