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Advertising Strategy

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Perseverance is the key. We as employees and sales people have to
accept the fact that we will have to make certain sacrifices and but aside
our good for the good of the store for the time being. We must make a
conscience effort to accomplish our daily tasks. We must be motivated.
As far as advertising goes, I have come up with a feasible approach
to the problem. While word of mouth is still the greatest of all
advertising, I think for the time being, we should rely heavily upon the
flier method to get our name out to as many people as possible in the
shortest amount of time.
My plan is as simple as it is complex. Starting on every Monday of
each week. I propose that two people design/Copy adds. These two people
will have no other purpose except to stand by the copy machine and print
off adds. I recommend that the ads should be no fewer than 300. I agree
this will take some time, but in the long run, it will save us time in the
places where we need it the most. Tuesday, is the first day of the week
where we will go out and distribute 200 of the ads to places such as Best
buy and Gateway. I site these places first because of the fact that the
average house hold mother does all of her shopping earlier in the week as
opposed to later in the week. The target audience I plan to promote to
will be identified later.
On Wednesday, again two people will run off 300 ads and will be
prepared to distribute 200 of them on the following day. Thursday will be
the day that the store will be closed from 3-5 because I think in the
essence of time that everyone present on this day will play a part in
distribution the ads. I highly recommend that we approach the
Downtown/metro area on this day. I site two reasons for ...

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