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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In The Countryside

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Advantages And Disadvantage In Countryside

Living in countryside have many convenience, comfortable,... sometimes, you get some small trouble, several problems. Even so it can bring many benefits up than inconvenience.

The first thing, it's completely a slow life without the noise, pollution from traffics or factories, it's really peace and quite.

In country, people can enjoy the light in early morning and breath a clear air, which can give more benefits for citizens there, so you don't need worry to your health condition. Not only that, you can see a peaceful scene with large range such as a green field spreading to inexhaustibility.

Especially, everything's cheaper than ones at the city. If you have a lot of money, you can easily build a large house because the charge of ground's lower than the suburbs. If a person retire and want to enjoy a real life when they're over 60 years old, that can be a good idea.

Moreover, the other positive's safety. In rural area, the crime rate also the possibility of burglary 's ...

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