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Adult Assumptions On Teenagers

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Adult Assumptions On Teenagers

Adults Assumptions On Tennagers

Everyone knows that throughout life, assumptions and stereotypes are

made. Whether they concern age, gender, race, class and so on, it does not matter. Stereotypes are always made in some form or another, some can be referring to positive aspects, while others can be bad. Whether good or bad, stereotypes should not be made, if a person has not met someone, they shouldn't presume to know them or their 'type'. No two people are identical and so they should not be treated as though they are. Many people have similar interests and characteristics, but not identical. A common group that receives a lot of stereotyping is the youth of today.

Not everyone, but a lot of people follow the assumption that the youth of today's society are nothing but bludgers. Youth usually have plenty of negative assumptions placed upon them such as being known as 'Know alls', 'Trouble makers', 'Druggies' and irresponsible. This names just a few of the negative assumptions that youth have placed upon them nearly, if not, everyday. There are also some positive assumptions made in regard to the youth of today, these are statements like they (the youth) are beginning to understand the importance of education in order to have a chance at a secure future. Youth are very out going and don't have a concern for tomorrow as they prefer to live for today. Youth have a creative imagination, not just towards art and work, but towards life in general and are willing to learn new skills in order to forward their knowledge, and are being thought of as the future generation. I believe that all of these assumptions have an element of truth, but in the way of being stereotypes. To certain individuals, these assumptions may be true, but not every youth is a trouble maker or a drug addict and so on. As I said before, everyone is an individual and so should be treated as one, and not just as 'one of them'. The reason I think this is because I know that I wouldn't like it if someone treated me the same as other people who are nothing like me. I know that I'm not a 'Druggie' or a 'Know all' and so I do not want to be treated the way people treat these sort of youths. I

know that this is sounding as though I am stereotyping but I am not, I am saying that people do put these groups ...

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