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Adopted Children should Know t

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Adopted Children should Know t

'Giving birth is like pulling your lower lip over your head'

-Carol Lucawikz

When a mother gives birth to her child it is the ultimate bonding experience. And

when a mother gives her child up for adoption, it is a selfless act for the child's best

interests, but not a painless one. Every parent that is involved in an adoption

arrangement will wonder and worry about their child for many days of many years.

Curiosity is powerful, and it is not uncommon to long to be reunited with one's own flesh

and blood. Adopted children have a right to know who their biological parents are.

Health reasons, curiosity, and the need to bond with family are all important factors that

adopted children face.

Genetic diseases make it essential that a child knows who their birth parents are.

If an adoptees considering starting a family and needs to know his or her chance of

passing on a genetic disease, the identity of his or her parents must be revealed. Also if

an adopted child would like to know his chance of developing a hereditary disease that

will not show effects until old age, he will need information from his biological parents. In

the case of rare blood diseases or a needed organ transplant, an adopted child knowing

who his real parents are could save the ...

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