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Acura NSX

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The NSX first made in 1991 was the first real Japanese challenger
to the favorable European sports cars such as Ferraris. The best part
about the car is that it possesses a unique combination of race-car
engineering, performance, and looks, coupled with the refinement and
practicality of a luxury coupe. This car can go from 0-60mph in 5.8
seconds. Not only does it fit most personal wants and needs, it also costs
less than most sports cars and has the best visibility of any exotic car.
There is plenty of interior room and the dashboard is user friendly as
Acura has displayed before.
The NSX was also introduced to me through a popular video game Gran
Turismo. In it, the NSX was given practically the highest standard of
driving in the game and is a favorite for many who enjoy the game. But
whether it be a real car or just some pixels on a screen, this car is one
of the safest, most reliable vehicles on the road. Although there is no
planned safety test, there had been many reports of accidents where most
cars would have been totaled and yet the NSX that was involved is still on
the road today.

Car Model- 1998 Acura NSX
Color- Forest Green
2 Wheel Drive
Cost- $84,000.00
Options- Option packages must be discussed with dealers.
Safety Features- 4-channel anti-lock brake system (ABS), driver and front
passenger air bag supplemental restraint system, 3-point seatbelts,
automatic seat belt tensioners, front/rear impact absorption zones,
side-impact door beams, traction control system(TCS)
Included options- 3.0-liter DOHC V-6, 5-speed manual or SportShift 4-
speed automatic transmission, anti-lock 4-wheel disc brakes,
driver- and passenger-side air bags, variable-assist power
steering, traction control, limited-slip differential, automatic
climate control, 4-way power seats, leather upholstery, tinted
glass, power windows and door locks, cruise control, power mirrors,
Acura/Bose AM/FM/cassette with power diversity antenna, digital
clock, center console with cup holders, tachometer, coolant
temperature and oil pressure gauges, voltmeter, trip odometer,
tilt/telescopic steering column, variable intermittent wipers,
rear defogger, remote fuel door and decklid releases, dual exhaust
outlets, anti-theft system, 215/45ZR16 front and 245/40ZR17 rear
tires, forged alloy wheels. T adds: removable roof panel.
Insurance- Daily Mon.-Thurs. $499.00
Weekend Fri.-Mon. $1399.00
Insurance Daily $50.00
Kilometers Free per day / charge 100/.50

Manufacturers believe a warranty--their pledge to absorb certain
repair or replacement costs over a specific period--is a big selling tool.
It allows them to tout engineering advances that make their cars more
reliable and to talk about assembly quality. We don't recommend choosing a
car simply for its warranty, but it is a factor that should weigh in the
buying decision. To help, here is an overview of how factory warranties
work and what they generally cover. The description box below notes the
major features for this manufacturer's model. Factory warranties are
divided into specific areas of coverage:
Basic Warranty: This usually covers the entire car, except for the
tires and battery, which are warranted by their manufacturers. Other
important exclusions typical to basic factory warranties are normal wear
and maintenance items (oil, air filters, brake linings); damage from the
environment (hail, floods, other "acts of God"); damage due to improper
maintenance (incorrect fuel or lubricants); and damage caused by the owner
or vehicle occupants.
Extended Warranty or Service Contract: May be sold by a dealership
or other private companies. This covers a specific period beyond the basic
warranty. Extended warranties usually apply to the car's powertrain, which
consists of such major components as the engine, transmission or transaxle,
fuel system, turbocharger, drive shafts and related parts, and the transfer
case on 4-wheel drive vehicles. Powertrain warranties usually exclude the
same sorts of damage and maintenance items as the basic warranties. While
some have retained extended warranties, most import makers include power
coverage under their longer ...

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