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Accounts Receivable Clerk

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Describe your experience handling bank deposits for an employer. Include the name of your employer, dates of employment, amount of money normally deposited, how often deposits were made by you, and the title of your position. If you have no experience handling bank deposits, please indicate "No experience".

Describe your experience performing accounting reconciliation. Include job title, employer name and dates of employment.

A. Account Clerk I for VMc Finance Department from 3/1998 to 3/2002.

Responsible for detailed and accurate monthly reconcilition of vendors accounts. Managing accounts on a monthly basis by reviewing and verifying vendors monthly statements against journal entries. If an error or discrepancy found review history to verify information or contact vendor for clarification to take appropiate action.

Describe your experience working with Accounts Payable and with Accounts Receivable. Include job title, employer name and thdates of employment.

A. Account Clerk I for VMC Finance Department from 3/1998 to 3/2002.

Managing accounts under the Accounts Payable unit. Review reports, statements ...

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