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Absolute Understanding

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Absolute Understanding

An elephant was brought to a group of blind men who had never

encountered such an animal before. One felt a leg and reported that an

elephant is a great living pillar. Another felt the trunk and reported

that an elephant is a great snake. Another felt a tusk and reported

that an elephant is like a sharp ploughshare. And so on. And then they

all quarreled together, each claiming that his own account was the

truth and therefore all the others false (traditional parable).

None of the accounts that the blind men made about the nature

of the elephant are absolute truths, nor are the accounts false. An

absolute truth, or one that is true for all, can not be achieved

because of the constant motion of circumstances of who said it, to

whom, when, where, why, and how it was said. Instead of absolute

truths, the concepts or beliefs that the blind men claim are

viewpoints that each one clarifies the nature of the elephant.

Everybody has learned to see things from his or her own sense of

reason and logic. The many things that people experience throughout

their lifetimes, help to determine the judgments toward the different

issues and objects that they encounter. Because individuals has his or

her own sense of reason and logic, the perceptions that people

encounter are ultimately true, and not false. Life does not contain

one truth for any idea or object, but truths can be found in one's

perception. It is difficult to determine that anything is the absolute

truth. One should not prove that any object contains a true meaning,

but should develop conceptions surrounding the object. Attempting to

prove anything then would be difficult, if not impossible. Our senses

from smell to values to reality may differ from person to person. What

may be true to one person may be different for another. Because

everybody has different perceptions about life, it is difficult to

weigh the content of any concept. Every account, of its own, is formed

to be the truth of the one individual who assumes it. The variety of

concepts may have the virtue of being considered. This is how people

develop a deeper sense of understanding for all objects. Truth is

achieved through the concept and not the object itself. Because many

individuals hold different perceptions, they have many truths to

consider, or not to consider. For example, it would be impossible to

determine, whether or not, the cutting of trees is either "good" or

"bad." One might have the conception that cutting trees destroys homes

for birds and other ...

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