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Abortions should be illegal if you are going to go out and have unprotected sex, then you should be willing to take responsibility for your actions. The unborn child that is conceived has done no wrong and shouldn't have to suffer because of the mothers actions. Women shouldn't have a "right" to kill their preborn child. The word "choice" shouldn't be used in regard to abortions, since killing a preborn child offers the child no choice at all.

If you think about it nearly 30 million preborn children have been slaughter in their mother's wombs. Millions of women have been traumatized both mentally and physically by their decision to exercise their so called "right" to an abortion. The number of reported legal abortions from 1972 through 1992 has risen each year. The percentage of teenagers having abortions began to drop in the 1980's because of the law requiring a parents involvement. The highest abortion rate is among eighteen to nineteen year old women. Each year about 15,000 abortions attributed to rape and incest this about one percent of all abortions.

Allowing abortions is promoting values that encourage crime, illegitimacy, and the breakdown of families. Why would anyone want to put themselves through this procedure if it could be deadly?

A woman from Brooklyn, New York died from a legal abortion and the police engaged in cover up. Tamika Dowdy, 22 was pronounced dead after having a legal abortion at Long Island College Hospital on Wednesday (reported in the case of Dowdy's fianc' Rudy Alston waited in the waiting room for six hours the abortion practitioner told him that Dowdy's heart had stopped. Dowdy and Alston were planning on a January or February wedding and the couple didn't want a child because Dowdy wanted to go to a two year accounting school. The police officials tried to squelch news by omitting the tragic abortion death from their daily report that Dowdy died after an abortion(according to the case of They included only the address where the incident took place, not even mentioning an abortion was involved. I feel that abortions should be illegal just because of cases just like this one many other cases happen just like this one all the time. Why put yourself through an abortion when you could get help taking care of your child. There are more than 3,200 crisis pregnancy centers across the nation offering women the choice not to abort their children. These centers offer everything to carry the baby to term: cloths, furniture, parenting classes, and a very important thing, love. If these centers are out there then why would anyone want to abort a preborn child.

When an abortion is performed at a non hospital the average cost was $296 as of 1993(Jacobs, Landes, & Siegel, 1996) .

The farther along you get in the pregnancy the more expensive the abortion cost. When an abortion is performed in a hospital the average cost was $1,757 as of 1993(Jacobs, Landes, & Siegel, 1996). Paying for the abortion could get expensive and be a burden. Some private insurers will cover abortion expenses. Most middle class women can usually afford an abortion, but is often a burden for poorer women. For women whose lives were endangered by rape or incest 99 percent of the abortions are government funded.

Abortions should be performed in the first trimester by vacuum aspiration (suction). The physician widens the cervix and inserts ...

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