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Abortion And Euthanasia: A Significant Difference

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In the desire to uphold the sanctity and quality of life, and the dignity of each individual, it is important to respect and regard each person's own moral values and inclinations. Both abortion and euthanasia are issues of high significance as well as controversy, and it is quite apparent that people will view both issues within their own contexts. Although it is true that the link between abortion and euthanasia has become more and more common over the last two decades, it is important to keep in mind that they are still regarded as separate issues with separate and distinct sets of standards and reasonings. Although they do share some common similarities, the existent principles and rationales of the two issues are proven to be very different. It is also significant to remember that people will easily retain contrasted opinions on these issues because it is from their own ideals and beliefs that their own sets of morals arise. Thus, is it possible for someone who is conservative in regard to abortion to favor active euthanasia? With all aspects considered, it is definitely very possible for one to sanction active euthanasia, and at the same time remain conservative in regards to abortion.
It is possible that the dilemmas of birth control and birth selection can extend to the problems of death selection and death control whether by the individual or society. However, the theories of 'birth' and 'death' are by far two very separate concepts. It is true that birth must occur for death to happen, yet the rationalizing behind each are very different. The physical and mental factors and circumstances involved with abortion are quite separate from the factors behind active euthanasia; thus one cannot in anyway be expected to share similar thoughts on both. Abortion essentially involves killing of an unwanted fetus with a potential life ahead of it. On the other hand active euthanasia involves relieving an individual from needless pain and suffering by quickening the death process and extending to a person's own freedom of self-determination. In many cases, the individual is on the brink of death anyway, and feels it unnecessary to have to suffer any more torment and anguish than they have to. While one who supports abortion may believe that it lessens the mother's pain and suffering, in most cases it is the mother herself who puts herself in the position to have the abortion. Should she not have to face the consequences of her actions? Any person who is faced with the misfortune to even consider euthanasia, primarily terminally ill patients, are put into that condition out of their own hands.
The primary differences between abortion and euthanasia nevertheless, are the rationales and reasons behind them. Individuals can easily support one and not the other on account of the different explanations and motives they have for each. Possible reasons for a mother to go through with an abortion could be rape, her young age, costs, or even convenience. However that same mother, or any other individual for that matter, could participate with active euthanasia for a completely separate list of reasons such as termination of suffering or recognizing and asserting the right of a terminally ill patient to die with dignity. Therefore, how can anyone, who feels a certain way about abortion, be expected to feel the ...

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