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The Aborigines of Australia can be viewed in three different views. All cultures have the basic three different categories. These three categories form a pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid is technology. Technology is anything the culture uses to aid themselves. In the middle of the pyramid is social system. The social system refers to the way they organize their society, and which roles everyone plays. At the top of the pyramid is world view. World view is they way the culture sees the world. This include their beliefs on creation and how they relate to the world.

First I'll start at the bottom of the pyramid. The Aborigines like everyone else, have and use technology. Some of the types of technology they use include sticks for finding eggs. The men in their society wear loincloths, while the women wear shirts and pants. For fire, they rub two sticks together, and for art canvases they use an axe and cut the bark off of a tree. Although their technology seems primitive to us, it provides them with everything they need.

Next is their social system. In the Aborigine society, men are superior to women. The men are responsible for keeping the sacred traditions of their society alive. ...

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