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A Street Car Named Desire

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A Street Car Named Desire

In the Street Car Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams, Stanley Kowalski displays his brutality in many ways. This classical play is about Blanche Dubois's visit to Elysian Fields and her encounters with her sister's brutal and arrogant husband, Stanley Kowalski, and the reveling truth of why Blanche really came.
Stanley Kowalski is a very brutal and barbaric person who always has to feel that no one is better than him. His brutish and ferocious actions during the play leave the reader with a bad taste in their mouths. Stanley's brutality is shown in several places during the duration of The Street Car Named Desire . For example, his
first array of brutality is evident at the poker night when he gets so angry and throws the radio out the window. Another example of his brutality is displayed when he beats his wife, Stella. Lastly, his arrogance and ferocious actions are
most apparent when he rapes Blanche, while his wife is in labor in the hospital. Stanley Kowalski's first exhibition of his brutal actions occurs at poker night. Blanche turns on the radio, but Stanley demands her to turn it off. Blanche refuses and so Stanley gets up himself and turns it off himself. When Stanley's
friend, Mitch, drops out of the game to talk to Blanche, Stanley gets upset and he even gets more upset when Blanche flicks on the radio. Due to the music being on, Stanley, in a rage, stalks in the room and grabs the radio and throws it out the
window. His friends immediately jump up, and then they drag him to the shower to try to sober him up. This is the first example of Stanley's rage and brutality. Not only does throwing the radio out the window represent an impure
demeanor, but so does beating your wife. During his entire rage during poker night he is not sober which leads to another problem. When he threw the radio out the window, he then immediately charged right at his wife, Stella. He was in such rage and he ...

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