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A review of the article infide

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A review of the article infide

Through research psychologists and other researchers have claimed that sexual infidelity effects both men and women differently. In addition, their beliefs on sexual infidelity differ. There have been many theories about the occurrence of infidelity, and most researchers have different opinions about these theories.

Researchers from the article Infidelity and the Science of Cheating, written by Sharon Begley, have asked the following question to different ethnic groups of all ages and of both sexes: what distresses them more, emotional infidelity or sexual betrayal? The results were women find emotional infidelity more disturbing than men do, and men find sexual betrayal more disturbing than women do. These results varied slightly depending on how the question was asked, but the ratio remained almost the same.

Researchers found that men and women have different beliefs on sexual infidelity. Women believe that men think that ?love implies sex more often then sex implies love (59),? and men believe that women think that 'sex implies love about as strong as love implies sex (59)?. The difference researchers explain is that there is an existence of a jealousy gender gap. In order to explain what causes the jealousy between genders scientists are now creating tests to prove ?whether the mind's ability to reason, rather than genes, can explain the jealousy gender gap (59).?

Scientists? theories differ on the science of sexual infidelity. Some scientists use a theory referred to as ?my genes made me think it (58).? This theory proposes that jealousy is triggered depending on our genes being passed down from Neanderthal days. Evolutionary psychologists argue that the jealousy gender gap is a legacy to humankind's past, and these genes shape how we think feel and act. These psychologists believe the reason why men go crazy over adultery is because it is embedded into their genes. This bothers men because they can never be sure of paternity. For example, if a woman strays from her partner there are possibilities she could become impregnated. Hence, her partner would be supporting another man's child. Another theory scientists offer to explain sexual infidelity looks at ?reasonable differences between the sexes in how they interpret evidence of infidelity (58).? This may explain the gender gap. This means that a man thinks that a woman will only have sex when she is in love, and if she has sex with someone else she loves him too. So, as Sharon Begley states, 'sexual infidelity means emotional infidelity as well (58).? However, men also believe that a woman can also have an emotionally intimate, non-sexual relationship with another man. This is what university psychologists call a ?double shot (59)? of infidelity. ...

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